The Golddigger Lie Leads to Black Male Failure!

The Gold Digger Lie Leads to Black Male Failure


My Godmother has been married for 45 years.  Her husband has always been the major breadwinner.  While she worked, off and on, selling Avon on the side or having a part-time job nurturing either children, the sick, or the disadvantaged, I would marvel at her because she was the Black woman being taken care of by a Black man, a regular man who worked in a meat packing house.  They have been homeowners for 44 years, raised great kids, and he retired after being employed for 45 years on the same job, and now they live comfortably in their older age. 


I remember my Godmother telling me that when she was dating her (future) husband, she would be HURT if he got paid and didn't buy her something like a new dress, a piece of jewelry, a fancy dinner, or arrived to pick her up without a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  She said he made her feel loved, honored and cherished.  She simply fell in love with him and they always had such a wonderful time because his kind gestures broke down the barrier that makes women skeptical.  In reality, too many men have dishonorable intentions.                                                                                 


Time and time again, I hear from Black men that Black women are gold diggers.  My wonderful and loving Godmother would have been thought of as a gold digger in this day and time.  But due to the low resistance of men to do whatever they could to earn a woman's love, many couples have made a wonderful life together.  My Godmother knew she had to tap into a mans masculine trait so to establish a secure home for him, her, and their children.  Today, if she tried the same thing, she would be a part of the epidemic single Black female that would probably end up being a single mother with no man to provide and protect her and her children.  Black men have lost their way in what is their duty and have confused their purpose with labeling Black women who want anything from them as gold diggers.


The way my Godmother needed verification that the man that was courting her was serious about a relationship with her, is probably similar to the way that many Black women behave today.  Only now Black men have been taught that its a disgrace when a Black woman asks for a $15 pedicure.


You see the success of their relationship was based on knowing each others role as a man and as a woman.  He knew he had to provide for her to have her for himself.  She knew that he needed a goal and a purpose in life to provide and protect her because when she put it out there; he gladly took the role of supplying her with everything that she needed.  Of course, she would work sometimes, but it was to keep herself busy while the kids were in school or to have spending dollars to buy something special for the kids or surprise him with a lavish gift for his birthday.


There is absolutely no proof that Black women are gold diggers, just the complaint of it, and a reputation that is self-destructive for both the Black male and female.


The Black female gold digger unsubstantiated reputation leads to Black male failure because the male species is motivated to acquire and achieve so to please and have a woman of his own.  This is natural, innate, God-given, and normal. 


Labeling the Black woman as a gold digger has serious consequences that demote innate motivating factors for Black men to achieve and acquire.  The gold digger lie is a deliberate distortion of gender roles and is another method to destroy Black love, which inevitably leads to Black male failure, and that is directly tied to Black race malfunctions. 


As far as Black women being the nurturer, she needs to be provided and protected so she can concentrate on her duties as a woman and not have to worry about paying the bills, protecting her children from harm, and feel secure enough to love the man that provides for her unconditionally.


The male species is built to be the provider and the protector.  On average and on every level that judges what gender is the strongest and the tallest, the male wins hands down.  The males major job is to provide and protect his family and his group.   


Females are the natural born nurturer because she alone gives birth to off springs.  Due to women being smaller and physically weaker (pound for pound) means that she must lean on a man to provide and protect her. 

Now due to the woman's movement and industrializing lead by Westerners, physical strength is not as imperative as it once was, but due to natural selection, which means that any species adapts to their environment and builds on the necessary physical traits that are needed for survival, could mean that men could get smaller and women could get bigger. (Black women have always worked since capture from Africa.  This de-feminized Black women)

Since popular opinion suggests that we want to pretend that gender doesnt matter, there may be a serious price to pay one day.  When examining the hyena, the female hyena is growing a penis while the males penis is shrinking--making it difficult to detect which gender is which without a thorough examination of their genitalia.  The female hyena is one of two land mammals that are matriarchal.  She no longer needs the male hyena to provide and protect, so nature is taking its course to exchange one gender with the other.  Check out the link below to read it for yourself.


Is it possible that this gender reversal can happen within the human race, the Black race?  Well its very possible.  Black men have loved the stereotype of being well endowed and if natural selection takes place just like with the hyena, then Black men's penis will begin to shrink if something isnt done to re-masculate Black men.  


You see in today's time, Black men are confused as to their role in relationships.  The Black man wants to acquire all that life has to give, but isnt being motivated properly due to the promotion of the Strong Black Women, who can do everything by herself, which simply makes the Black man (eventually) feel inadequate and be a failure at doing what nature built him to do.


To add insult to injury, the bling-bling media lie tells Black people that if they do their people wrong, they will win and that includes Black women, who are constantly being portrayed as hos and bi-at-ches.  After all, Snoop Doggy Dog is an ex-con for selling drugs to his people and 50 cent was shot 9 times, was an ex-drug dealer with a gangsta persona that now has all that life has to offer.  Most Black people believe that 50 cent just woke up one day and decided to be a rapper and BAM fame and fortune followed in a matter of weeks.  These treasonous fools who are spreading lies about life are simply being used to destroy their own people.  Make one rich so to destroy millions is money well spent. 


Tell Black men to spend every dollar he earns on meaningless items and White women, and hell do that each and every chance he gets.  Meanwhile, tell him if he spends one penny on a Black woman he is a fool and she is a gold digger, and hell believe that even though there are no massive amounts of Black women living well from some Black mans money


Most Black women live in the ghetto.  Most White women live in big houses and are unemployed.  I mean damn are they seeing the reality of life or believing the hype? 


Believing the hype about the Black gold digger simply stops the recycling of Black dollars and puts the money right back into the mans hands.


The Bling-Bling culture has turned too many Black men into males with feminine traits, who are looking for a woman to take care of them.  Wearing more diamonds (in two ears and arent diamonds supposed to be a girls best friend) than women and being more concerned about attire than most women.  I even heard Tavis Smiley comment to a male guest on his show, now you like clothes like I do, and out of all the movies you've acted in, which wardrobe would you have liked to own?  What Negro?  All I could do was change the channel and shake my head and say, you too Tavis?


To learn about what to do about this disturbing trend that falsely labels Black women gold diggers when I don't know of many Black women who are living rich off some Black mans money, you can read my book, Black Women Need Love, too!  I know there must be a few, but damn that number must be under 5 percent, which leaves 95 percent that are not winning or receiving a Black man's money for nothing.


Most Black women work to have what they want and its non-Black women with the big houses on the hills, fancy car that her man has bought, and the freedom to spend his hard-earned money on whatever she chooses.  This Black gold digger lie is simply put out into the world to de-motivate Black men, which leads to massive failure and under achievement.  I bet the Black woman who expects nothing less than the best from her man will have the best or will be alone waiting for her dream husband that doesn't exist.


In reality, we Black women are the ONLY women that accept, love, give to, and have sex with men that have nothing.  The proof is all around usthe single Black mother living in the ghetto is the woman that accepts Black men unconditionally.


The lie about the rampant existence of the Black female gold digger must be put to rest. If we don't diffuse this lie, then statistics like this will grow:  In highly populated Black communities, the Black male unemployment rate is as high as 75n such cities as Gary Indiana and Milwaukee Wisconsin the high school drop out rate is 85Àeven though the population is growing.  We must teach Black young men that their responsibility is to provide and protect the community and their families.  Black men are walking around confused about manhood due to lies that are in rap crap music and the lack of the father figure that teaches his son what his responsibilities are as a man.


These are some of the reasons why it is important to spread the message that Black Women Need Love, too!  To re-motivate Black men and give them direction to what their duties are as men.  In my book, Black Women Need Love, too!  Exposing the Conspiracy to Keep Black Women Without Love, I break it down and give techniques, strategies and motivating methods to return Black men to their thrown as Kings for their Queens.


Brothas, if you really believe the Black gold digger is in abundance, then use her as a source of inspiration to achieve and prosper, and not as an excuse to abandon, fail, and hate.


Order your copy today, it could be the most important book you ever read.  Black Women Need Love, too! Available on

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